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Five Fundamental Truths About Political Persuasion

  • People are different. A one-style-fits-all approach doesn't work.
  • It's not what you say -- nor even how you say it -- but how people hear you that matters most.
  • People are influenced by feelings as much as they are by facts.
  • When it comes to personality, flexibility will be more effective than rigidity.
  • Even your strongest personality characteristics can come across as weaknesses to some people.

Become a Winning Candidate

Master powerful communication skills

Political Persuasion Consultants (PPC) teaches Republican and Conservative candidates communication skills designed to win elections. Our approach enables candidates to set clear objectives, build a detailed communication strategy, and become an impressive and persuasive campaigner.

In order to win elections, it is necessary to develop a voter-centered approach when making speeches, speaking in small groups, campaigning door-to-door, or merely shaking hands with individuals.

Emotions matter. Unless the candidate is able to make a connection with the voter, the message sent will have minimal impact. The message needs to be personal, believable, and persuasive.

The PPC methodology provides the tools to help candidates:

  • Clarify their vision and mission
  • Broaden their behavioral flexibility
  • Speak words and phrases that are memorable to the voter
  • Increase their ability to be comfortable and effective in any environment
  • Engage individuals in conversation
  • Improve listening skills
  • Engender trust from others


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